Saturday, February 21, 2015

Carpentarias are starting to grow tall

View of Provinsi Carpentaria, looking west.

View of Provinsi Carpentaria, looking west.
Note the Carpentaria palms at center of picture, starting to grow tall.

View of Provinsi Carpentaria as seen from Zone C, looking south.
The Provinsi Carpentaria is a fallback area. Its banks and flat areas will as experience shows be inundated with water from flash floods.  But as quickly as  the floods arrive the overflowing stream will soon return to its original size the moment heavy rains ceased.  The flat areas are planted with Carpentaria palms and coconut trees.  The beauty of having a stream that runs and cuts through the park is that in times of drought the trees planted on both sides will continuously enjoy the presence of water around them, thus guaranteeing consistent fruiting and enough water to sustain the trees in times of dry weather or drought. The Carpentaria palms are growing tall now as seen in the pictures above.

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