Thursday, February 12, 2015

Three tiny birds

Common Iora appearing very often at the park now, enjoys an insect for breakfast.

Eastern Crimson Sunbird
 This month the rains never seems yet to say goodbye.  January was like a full schedule of heavy rains.  February should be at the tail end of the north-east monsoon rains.  As yet the grounds are always wet and the streams re-filled continuously.  Now in the light rains or drizzle or moments after heavy rains tiny birds come out of hiding and brazen themselves hurriedly to hunt for food at the slightest window of opportunity.  The Common Iora, the Crimson Sunbird and the Red-headed Tailorbird on most occasions will announce their presence among the leaves and branches with their familiar calls.  The Common Iora would select the larvae and caterpillars, ants of different sizes and types to snatch for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Crimson Sunbird loves to sip nectar while the Red-headed Tailorbird would prey for small ants and many tiny insects as it hop from branch to branch.    

Red-headed Tailorbird

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