Monday, February 2, 2015

What's interesting on the sidelines?

Spotted-necked Dove (Tekukur - Malay)

Red-headed Tailorbird
 During the last few days though my lens were focused mainly on the butterflies I was not totally oblivion of the interesting titbits of nature around the the trees occasioned by the butterflies.  Here's a glimpse of the other natural denizens of the park during my many photoshoot sessions on the butterflies.  The Spotted-necked Dove called 'Tekukur' in Malay decided one day to do soft landing on the grassed area next to where I was busy photographing.  She too got into frame.  The Red-headed Tailorbird ( Malay = Perenjak Kelapu) was seen at least on two occasions just above my head.  The Red Dragonfly also chilled-out at the oleina branches.  The little crowd was joined by the very small but exceedingly attractive male of the Eastern Crimson Sunbird (Malay = Kelicap Sepah Raja).  On this occasion I was most delighted to get a clearer picture of the female of the species too.
Red Dragonfly

Female of Eastern Crimson Sunbird

Eastern Crimson Sunbird - male

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