Friday, April 17, 2015

Intense heat and flushing on Mango trees

View of park, looking at Zone F from Pazau lookout point, Zone C
In the middle ground are flushes of the Eugenia oleina trees and in the distance are flushes of the Mango trees.

Closer view of the flushes or young leaves of the Mango tree
Zone C
We are experiencing some drought season at the moment.  There are speculations or forecasts that the drought this year could be rather long, starting now till August and all because of what climatologists call the 'El Nino' phenomena.  One effect of the drought is the distinctly dry and hot weather which stimulates the trees to flower and in the above case to flush new leaves just as well.  Three trees that show new leaves profusely presently are the Mango trees, Eugenia oleina and the Jering trees. I have noticed that on some Mango trees the flushing is accompanied by the production of new flowers.  Hopefully, with this type of intense hot weather the Mango trees will successfully produce more fruits after the flowering season is over.

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