Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Greater Coucal dries its wings

But-But Cari Anak (Malay) - Greater Coucal (Centropus sinensis) spreading out its wings to dry.
Location : Botanic Island Three, Zone I
The Greater Coucal with its long tail,
bluish black head and chestnut wings
There was a brief heavy rain early this morning which was a boon considering the long drought which we experienced for the last few weeks.  After the rain stopped I took a walk to Botanic Island Three.  At the edge of the forest that is part of the Botanic Island, I saw a large bird perching on a small tree branch.  It was the Greater Coucal taking a rest on the branch while spreading out its wings to dry after the rain shower.  The Greater Coucal is often heard with its characteristic 'But-But' sounds, but seldom seen.  It prefers to move quietly among the trees and branches from where it scouts for small animals like lizards, frogs and insects.  It usually makes short flights interspersed with gliding.

The Greater Coucal  takes short flights interspersed with gliding.

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