Saturday, May 23, 2015

Flowers keep falling on my head

The Poui tree (Tabebuia rosea) seen from the 'abaq' (verandah)
Footpath laden flowers
The bunchy  pink flowers of the Poui tree kept falling on the ground.  The tree is tall and stands next to my bedroom.  Every morning I would stand at the ' abaq' (or verandah) to watch the petals fall gently on the ground.  This is the kind of view and experience that is priceless and of great aesthetic beauty for me.  Living in the park with flowers above you and the sounds of birds in the day and crickets at night brings much peace and happiness.  At this time of the year too, the jungle tree not far away from the bedroom is heavily flowering too with a specialty.   From a fair distance of about 30 meters this jungle tree with yellow flowers will throw its scent around the park day and night.  Its aroma is a mixed scent of vanilla and sweet camphor.  In the silence of the night I could smell the fragrance reaching us .  I sleep with the thought that waking up is really a joy.  Another day in paradise.
Pink Poui flowers above my head

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