Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Tiong Story - Part 1

The Hill Myna birds or 'Burung Tiong' in Malay
Location : Licuala Hill, Zone I

View from a new hideout
 I am getting excited with the arrival of the Tiong birds at the park.  For one thing it is a sure proof that the park is showing results as a sanctuary for birds.  This has been achieved not one year but over many years of planning and development.  The preservation of its habitat especially tall perches are critical for the survival of the species.  The tall dead tree must remain standing for in its trunk is a hole which the Tiongs call home. Other nearby perches are important for temporary rest and lookout points before they return to the safety of their nest.  Around 5.30 pm or the latest 6 pm, they would return from their daily hunt or foraging expeditions to rest for the night at the hole.  Today in order to come closer to the birds, I created another jungle track at the Licuala Hill leading to the tree.   From the new hideout (see inset) I can take better aim of the birds unnoticed under cover of small trees and bracken ferns.  Here are more pictures from today's photoshoot session.

All images above taken on 3 May'15, using Nikon D5100

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