Friday, July 3, 2015

A natural vertical garden

Oil Palm tree ( Elaeis guineensis)  circumvented by various ferns
Location : Kruak Wetlands, Zone B.

Fern, fern, ferns...
 One can easily be enthralled by the beauty of the oil palm tree trunks.  Seen against the morning light one can see how richly endowed it is  with a extensive variety of ephiphytes, shrubs, and even tree species that habitually take root at the rotting cut bases of the oil palm fronds or branches.  A better word to describe this is vertical gardening.  This is because the oil palm tree acts as a green column for the various plants species that successfully attached themselves to it. The plants bio-diversity that thrive on the oil palm tree consists mainly of ephiphytic ferns of the genera Nephroplepsis, Polypodium, Davalia and Pyrrosia, orchids, and the pioneer  plants species like Shrubby Dillenia, Senduduk, Ficus family etc.  Here's some examples of vertical gardens at the park growing naturally.....
Zone B

Zone C
Zone F

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