Saturday, August 29, 2015

A historical interlude

A pair of Little Green Pigeon seen early in the morning
Location: Cempedak Hill, Zone G.

First flowering bud of the Malay Apple
or Jambu Bol (Malay) seen early today.
These days I am pretty busy writing a historical piece.  In between walks in the park, physical aerobic i.e. intense harvesting work, gardening, photography and a host of other  miscellaneous activities, I have to squeeze whatever time available to do a simple historical piece about Penang Free School.  I managed. Today I completed the project which stretched over two weeks.  The historical piece is in the form of a blog so that I can add or enhance it as time goes on.  Furthermore, the subject will be able to be accessed by just googling'Penang Free School'.  The time when I do the marketing for the work will be next year.  This is because the subject is about the Penang Free School which is the first English school in Malaysia which opened its doors on 21st October ,1816.  Thus next year it will celebrate its 200 years of existence.  It would be a very auspicious occasion and I felt good to be part of the celebration next year, even though I am not a student or graduate of the school.  It is more a passion for history.
Watercolour painting by Charles Andrew Dyce (1816-1853)
showing Georgetown and Fort Cornwallis, Penang in 1846.
Painting  354 x514 mm
Crdeits: Irene Lim (2003) Sketches in the Straits,NUS, Singapore.

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