Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The tooth brush orchid

Dendrobium secundum - in light purple tones.  Known also as 'tooth brush' orchid.
Note the orange lip
Grown on oil palm frond's cut bases

The Dendrobium species called 'Dendrobium secundum' is found in many South East Asian countries, from Myanmar to Indonesia. Dendrobium comes from the Greek words, dendron and bios to mean "tree" and "life" respectively.  The name recalls the epiphytic nature of the orchid - living on a tree.  What I have done here is to place it conveniently on the trunk of the oil palm tree.  The frond's cut bases are ideal places for growing orchids with no care.  Shade is provided by the oil palm leaves, the cut bases are home to moisture, organic matter etc. which provide food for the orchid plants.  The variety that is flowering now has light purple petals and orange lip.  The inflorescence is terminal, conical and densely packed with the flowers, arranged in rows, all facing in one direction.  It is a cute, beautiful and unique species of orchid.

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