Monday, September 28, 2015

The Cassia javanica is doing fine

Cassia javanica growing well at Zone F

Pink flowers of the
Cassia javanica
 I have planted the Cassia javanica, grown from seeds, at Zone F a few years ago.    Today, I noticed the tree is growing well.  I am looking forward to this tree bearing flowers and fruits so that I can propagate it and more of these beautiful trees adorn the park.  The pictures of the flowers here have been taken from another location, along Sarawak trunk road where many times I dropped by to collect some of its pods.  The germination rate is very low and so far this is the only tree that managed to survive from the many seedlings I planted.

A Cassia javanica tree in heavy flowering along Sarawak trunk road.
Taken in 2011.

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