Friday, October 9, 2015

I got the big one!

Black Hornbill  - male of the species

 It was only a few weeks ago that I noticed the behaviour of the Black Hornbill.  It was seen more regularly in the early morning and evening times at the park.  This morning  I was given an excellent photoshoot session by the  hornbill and it allowed me to come quite close to the perch.  I suspect that it is trying to identify a suitable tree to establish a home at the park.  The hornbill is to date the biggest type of bird to be seen here and today's photoshoot session is one of the best. At last I got you! The big one!  
Black body, long tail and white bill and casque makes the Black Hornbill easily recognizable from a distance.
Zone G


  1. Thanks, hoping to get more and more shoots in future.