Sunday, October 11, 2015

Large birds at the perch

The perch (middle top section of the picture) as seen from Zone C
Note the clump of bamboos, jungle trees and other fruits trees around the perch.
Resting on the perch at Zone G are two Hill Myna birds

Hill Myna or "Tiong" (Malay)
 The perch is an tall dead tree situated at Zone G.  Nearby the perch is a clump of bamboos, a grove of fruit trees and further surrounded by oil palm trees.  The perch is attracting two big types of birds recently viz the "Kenyalang" or Hornbill bird and the Hill Myna birds or "Tiong" (Malay). They would rest a while on the branches to scout the neighbourhood before seeking the relative safety of the jungle trees and other fruit trees to roost.  While the Hill Myna have been seen building their homes at the park and breeding, the Kenyalang has yet to show definite signs of establishing its home here.  The recent sightings of the big Kenyalang bird is a positive sign that the nature park is attracting large birds.
A Black Hornbill perching
Zone G 

Male Black Hornbill
The Black Hronbill and Hill Myna on the same perch
Zone G

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