Thursday, October 1, 2015

What October brings?

Black Hornbill (male) - Anthracoceros malayanus
Location : Zone G, near bamboo clump

Hill Myna or 'Tiong'
 The morning was fine with a slight haze.  Between 7-7.30 am I had a morning walkabout at the park, when all of a sudden I spotted a lone Hill Myna.  It was perching on the dead tree at Zone G, close to the clump of tall bamboos. I managed to get a couple of good shots but from a distance.  Then to my greatest surprise a Black Hornbill entered the frame.  What a catch! A Black Hornbill and a Hill Myna in one frame. It's a good sign to start the month of October.
A Black Hornbill (left) and Hill Myna (right)
Location : Zone G
Date taken : 2 October15

The lone Hill Myna before joined by the Black Hornbill
2 Oct'15, Zone G.

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