Monday, October 5, 2015

When I am 46

One second swing
 Actually I am 64.  It is this healthy lifestyle that takes away the tons of my age.  I am feeling better each day as experience takes the better of me. To load a half ton or 500 kg of ffb (fresh fruit bunch) of the oil palm is a fun affair.  But you have to transport the bunches and place them at a central collection area first.  And before that you have to harvest them from the tree trunks.  All told the harvesting and transporting could be done in about 3 hours for a 500 kg collection.    Once ready to upload the ffb, take a sharp and solid metal picker for striking and   to pierce the fruit bunch.  Apply the best of your dance (swing) movement and have fun.  For 500 kilos of ffb the SOP (standard operating procedure) to complete loading into the pickup is 15 minutes.  Go and try  pick, heave and swing the ffb.  It's just so healthy for the body.  An excellent 15 minutes workout. Be healthy, be strong.
Loading the ffb
Location : Zone B

A half ton fully loaded and ready to be sold.

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