Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A groovy kind of dillenia

Brown-throated Sunbird, female of the species at the Simpoh Air branch
Location : Wetlands between Zone G and Zone A
Female of the Pink-necked Pigeon
A groove of Shrubby Dillenia
Its a beautiful groove of broad leafy thicket.  A natural mass of deep green beauty amidst a jungle surrounding and open grassland where wildlife abound.  It is a groovy kind of landscape, soft green in the foreground and dark green washes at the back.  It's a place where the pigeons, sunbirds and bulbuls visit everyday for the tiny juicy seeds of the Shrubby Dillenia or 'Simpoh Air'. It is of vital importance to keep this groove for the many attractions it provides - fruits and seeds to many species of birds, flowers for insects and small animals.  The young flushes of the dillenia are edible as salad and during nights when the moon is high the Sambar Deer would occasion the pebbled-sized fruits of the dillenia as part of its regular diet.  There are many dillenia grooves at the park that are home for the buzzing wildlife.  And I never stop to learn and appreciate how a little sanctuary we build here has given us so much love for nature and a passion for simple living and happiness it brings. The falling leaves, November rain, the fresh winds and the walks in the park. Come what, come may.  It's a groovy kind of love.

Yellow-vented Bulbul against the clear blue sky of  November

A pair of Pink-necked Pigeon 

The female of the Brown-throated Sunbird having a mouthful of the red juicy seed of the Shrubby Dillenia.

The Simpoh Air in a mixed natural landscape scenery, interspersed with oil palm trees.
Zone G.

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