Friday, December 18, 2015

Falconet on the hunt

Borneon Falconet (Microhierax latifrons)
Location : Licuala Hill, Zone I

 This morning the weather was a bit cloudy and taking pictures can be problematic especially when taking long ranges.  The Borneon Falconet came early looking for breakfast and was well-rewarded on this trip when I saw it devouring its prey on the branch of the tall dead tree.  I saw it making short sallies down and even circling around a group of trees before making a swoop and then rushing back to the branch to enjoy its catch.  Falconets are the smallest raptors of the world.  It's only this year that I stumbled or 'discovered' its presence at the park.  I guess they love the intact environment of the lowland dipterocarp forest ecology here, tall dead trees, and its forest edges that support a myriad of insects, bees, lizards etc. I hope they visit the park  more often because food is plenty here.
About 100 meters away on a tall dead tree is the falconet.
Location: Licuala Hill
Zone I

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