Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tiongs in loving gesture

Tiong (Malay) - Hill Myna
Location : Licuala Hill, Zone I

Loving gesture
 In the distance I could see the Tiongs broadcasting their regular calls  over the neighbourhood.  Their calls would normally alert me to go to Zone I especially to the tall dead tree which is becoming their penthouse. Before the sunset,  I slowly  climbed up the Licuala Hill to catch a better glimpse of the couple.  Once at my hideout I took my camera from the bag and started to aim.  Today it seemed to me they were very loving.  Apparently they did not see me in my hideout and this enabled me to observe their behaviour closely.  They were seen preening  and grooming one another.  They were in playful mood and were eager to return to their nest before the night falls.  It's another happy day for me to see them back at the park.

The Tiong's penthouse - a hole in a tall dead tree
Location : Licuala Hill, Zone I

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