Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Brown-throated Sunbirds enjoying banana nectar

Brown-throated Sunbird, male top left,female bottom right
Zone C
 You will not be mistaken that these two birds are a couple because they are often seen together hunting for food.  It is confirmed. The colourful of the species is the male while the female has dull coloration i.e. olive-green upperparts, pale yellow around the eye and yellow underparts.  The male comes to town in gorgeous metallic blue upperparts,  bright yellow breast and dark brown wings.   The Brown-throated Sunbird loves to sip the nectar from the banana flowers even though it means doing it upside down. Once they have caught sight of  a  banana inflorescence they will make many return trips to the flowers throughout the day. That means you need to get ready at the banana tree to catch up with this lovely couple in order to get a good glimpse of the birds in action.  Patience and passion plays their part.

Sipping the nectar from the banana flowers

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