Sunday, January 10, 2016

Green umbrella and practice green

Big enough for a 'Practice Green'
Zone B
Zone B - 'rough area'
 It has been a wonderful day to work under cloudy sky, gentle breeze and Sunday - which is a normal day at the park.  I take a day off only on Friday.  Today I enjoy the beauty of the light and shade under the green umbrella of oil palm fronds.  At Zone B is one of my favourite 'golf green' spaces.  The central lawn area is big enough for a practice green.  There are at least five locations in the park with  'practice green' spaces done as a function to relax the eyes in the fixed grid of oil palm planting layout and also acting as a recreational ground and wildlife 'flight air space'.
Shade and light under the green umbrella of oil palm fronds
Zone B

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