Sunday, January 24, 2016

Little brown black darling

Chestnut Munia or "Pipit Rawa" - Malay
Zone C

 She comes to town in chocolaty dress with a dark face, like she is wearing a black 'hijab'.  Often she is seen in a small party foraging for seeds especially grass seeds. She and friends would cling to the long grasses and normally inch towards the end of the grass stems to get close to the seeds.  In so doing they gently bend the grass stems and skid towards the end of the stems  in playful acrobatic style.   Her skinny feet and steady legs are grey. What is striking about her when compared to her cousins is her silvery grey beak.  Today she is busy collecting all sorts of dried grasses and other plant materials to make a nest.  The nest called home is deep in the middle of the bamboo clump.
Having an interlude in between nest making at the bamboo clump

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