Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Watching the birds go by

A Little Spiderhunter making calls to its mate

Eastern Crimson Sunbird at
Chinese hat plat
 A pair of Little Spiderhunter came to town and seeing them frolicking among the branches of a nearby Jackfruit tree inspired me to gather a few shots of other birds that habitually come to town a few days ago.  The extremely attractive Eastern Crimson Sunbird makes it a point to drop by the Chinese hat plant to check out the nectar.  It has been a daily ritual, if not in the morning it will drop by later in the day.  At unannounced times a swinging couple of the Yellow-bellied Flowerpecker will fill find time in the their busy schedule and may just pop out of the jungle fringe to chase each other in delightful play in the open.  It would be very fortunate if they come in pairs.  Such visits are very important for us to seek confirmation of its female species.  So I thought I was lucky again to get another glimpse of the female Orange-bellied Flowerpecker as shown in the picture below.  The Oriental Magpie-robin is calling the park home, having built its nest in the safety of the dense vegetation in one of Eugenia oleina trees at Zone G. They would seek refuge in the tree once danger in the open appears eminent.  Just watching the birds go by is therapy for the busy mind.
Yellow-bellied Flowerpecker - female of the species

Oriental Magpie-robin

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