Friday, March 18, 2016

Beautiful pigeon against the evening sun

Pink-necked Pigeon - male
Location: Cempedak Hill, Zone G

 The Pink-necked Pigeon surveyed the neighbourhood from above the Cempedak tree.  It is a welcoming scene to witness it resting comfortably against the evening sun.  This wild bird could be seen singly or in a small flock.  They fly swiftly in straight direction.  These birds are very colourful or more aptly the male of the species.  It is no secret that their favorite perch is the Cempedak tree located at one of the highest point of the park at Zone G. It is easy to check whether the birds are resting at the treetop because they can be sighted from a distance especially when resting on the tallest twigs. This makes photographing them a lot easier as at least we know of their presence without wasting too much time looking for their whereabouts.   It remains next how we are going to approach them closer without alerting them.  I never get tired of photographing these lovely birds and today's is no exception.
The neighbourhood - Zone C

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