Sunday, March 20, 2016

Vertical gardens at the park

Provinsi Lady Palm, Zone C

 There are lots of vertical gardens at the park. I mean the oil palm trees provide the best environment for many shade plants especially the ferns species, climbers and orchids to germinate on the damp, organic and fertile cut bases of the oil palm leaves that are left after successive harvesting. One advantage of keeping these vertical gardens is that you don't have to worry about watering or fertilising the plants.  The plants get their nutrition from  the rotting organic cut bases which are kept moist under shade.  The cut bases also contain dead insects as well as birds droppings which help fertilise the growing plants.  In order to take advantage of the available space, more suitable plants like orchids can be attached. Let the orchids then grow naturally with no maintenance whatsoever while enhancing the 'garden' with colour and a little fragrance.
Bird's nest fern ( Asplenium nidus)

Growing luxuriously are the Nephrolepsis  ferns 

Corsage fern (Davallia denticula) grows extremely well on the tree trunks

Pigeon orchids are a common species that adapt well to the oil palm trunks.

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