Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Silk Hanger

A caterpillar hanging on to dear live is photographed at about a meter  from the ground.
Pix 1

Clinging on the string the caterpillar wriggled its way up its  fine silk girdle that was  stretched from a leaf above.
Pix 2

It inches its way slowly for about less than 20 minutes to reach a leaf from which the silk girdle is attached.
Pix 3
Higher and higher it went.  The whole episode of climbing up a length  of about 3 meters of the silk girdle string  took about less than 20 minutes.
Pix 4 

The caterpillar successfully reached the leaf from where it fell.
Pix 5
This is a story about a caterpillar that fell from a leaf and somehow managed to suspend itself in mid air.  The length of the fine silk string was about 3 meters and the caterpillar (larva) had no choice but to keep on climbing the string to save its dear life.  The pictures beginning from the top above depicts its movement up the string from about a meter above the ground to about 3 meters high from which its silk girdle is attached.  The whole climbing episode took less than 20 minutes.

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