Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Walking the Licuala trail

Licuala ferrugina in front, and in the background is the Pholidocarpus sumatranus palm (partly seen in the center)
Location : Provinsi Rattan
Fan-like leaves of the Licuala
Location :  Licuala Hill
The Licuala trail is what I have been missing for a while.  The trail covers low lying areas, slopes and hills.  A good one hour walk through the jungle will acquaint me with the status of the jungle and the wildlife.  In walking the trail, I took time to clear some of the bushes (mainly bracken ferns), small trees and jungle shrubbery that unnecessarily are in the way of a pleasant walk.  The best aid to do the clearing is our local matchet called the 'parang'.  In some areas the trail is littered with fallen leaves while in others there are plenty of logs and vines that need to be walked over.  All in all, the one hour walk was rewarding as I countered a small party of three Bornean Falconet that kept surveillance over the neighbourhood from the tallest perch above the Licuala Hill.  I noticed too a well-grown fungi species on the trail.
Note the Licuala palm at the left of the picture.

A small party of three - Bornean Falconet resting on the tallest perch at Licuala Hill
Location : Licuala Hill

Licuala ferrugina inside Botanic Island Two.

A fungi species.
Inside Provinsi Licuala

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