Friday, May 27, 2016

Seat taken by Black Magpie

It's the turn of the Black Magpie  to occupy the tall tree at Licuala Hill

 Around 7.30 am I could hear the distinct calls of the Black Magpie from  the very far end of the neighborhood.  The Black Magpie gives out three distinctive calls, a hollow whistle followed by an imitative call of the 'Tiong' or Hill Myna and finally a coarse in drawn growl.  At the very tip of the tall dead tree the Black Magpie was seen perching. It has a peculiar habit of bowing and raising its head while perching and when making calls.  This bird has been visiting the park more frequently lately especially in the early morning hours.  I have yet to come close to the bird to get a fairly clear image of it.  According to the literature, the bird is commonly seen in the lowland areas of Borneo.
The Black Magpie joins the list of large birds that frequent the park.  The tall perch is favourite to another visitor to the park, the 'Tiong' bird (Hill Myna)

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