Friday, May 6, 2016

The Blue Tiger drops by

Blue Tiger - a name I give to this butterfly species

White flowers of the Eugenia oleina
 The Blue Tiger drops by at the park this morning.  A rare moment because it has been for more than a year that I have not seen it around.  It is a species of butterfly that I hardly come across in many areas in Sarawak ( or the island of Borneo) whether it be in pictures or in the google stock of images.   Nevertheless, it does appear in the park when the Eugenia oleina tree flowers.  Its sighting today makes my day.  I hope it will visit the park again tomorrow and give me more close-up and personal encounters for photography purpose,  Cheers to the Blue Tiger.
Blue Tiger - front wings tipped with blue-black stripes and hind wings in yellow-black stripes.
Location : Zone C

Its flowering time for the Eugenia oleina trees here.

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