Saturday, July 2, 2016

Grass Yellow at Butterfly Garden

Chocolate Grass Yellow ( Eurema sari sodalis) attracted to wild flowers on the garden floor
Location : Butterfly Garden
Common Grass Yellow
 The smaller types of butterflies that are often seen at the park belongs to the Grass Yellow variety.  Two distinct species are the Common Grass Yellow and the Chocolate Grass Yellow.  Both have bright yellow wings and are seen abundantly at the park especially at the Butterfly Garden.  The Chocolate Grass Yellow has the characteristic brown apex  on the underside of its forewing. They are attracted to many small flowers on the garden floor and  also to the fragrant Sui-mui flowers (Religiosa wrightia).  The Butterfly Garden is slowly shaping up as more plants are added to its planting list.  Of recent interest is the Letup-Letup plant or the Lesser Bladder Cherry (Physalis minima) which has produced an abundance of edible fruits and tiny pale yellow flowers.

Common Grass Yellow ( Eurema hecabe contubernalis) at the Sui-mui flowers ( Wrightia religiosa)
Letup Letup  plant growing well at the Butterfly Garden (looking south)
Another view of Letup-Letup at the Butterfly Garden (looking east)
Tiny flowers of the Letup-Letup (Physalis minima)

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