Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Making the park 'lived'

Sequence one - grass cutting around the Butterfly Garden
Location : Zone C

 It has been about a fortnight since I have not done any grass cutting maintenance to the park largely because of too much time taken for the Hari Raya holidays.  The holiday season is over and now its gardening time.  The sequence of grass cutting operation is firstly the areas around the chalet, to be followed by access areas for harvesting such as main road, feeder road and footpath on slopes. Today I focus on the front areas of the chalet especially the Butterfly garden area.  I look forward to grass cutting the garden for the exercise it brings, the smell of green green grass of home and a clean view to sooth the soul.  To have one's garden regularly maintained means that the place is 'lived' and many species of wildlife will be attracted to the garden as a result.  This is because many birds are social birds that tend to slowly adjust to human existence by relying on humans for the abundance of food they can get easily in mutual co-existence.  Such birds are like the Magpie-robin, Tree Sparrow, Bulbuls and White-breasted Waterhen which prey on worms, grass seeds, rice grains and tiny  insects that are more readily available after each grass cutting operation.
Grass cutting with a bush cutter at the Butterfly Garden area, in front of chalet.
Location : Zone C
View of garden space in front of chalet.
Location : Zone C

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