Monday, September 26, 2016

Fields of Miding

View of 'fields of Miding' at Pipit Wetlands
Location: In middle of Zones G, H and A
I have a loving weakness for Miding.  These freely obtainable and freshly plucked ferns are my favourite vegetables.  My love affair with this  no maintenance, healthy and wild growing fern seems to find no end.  The two areas at the park that have been reserved for the 'cultivation' of these ferns are quite established now.  One field of Miding is situated at the Keruak Wetlands and the other at the Pipit Wetlands.  The Miding is one of the most expensive vegetable sold at the 'tamu' or jungle produce market in Bintulu town.  The price ranges from RM 8 - RM 10 per kilo. At the park however these delicious ferns are free for the taking. Believe me some things are really free in life, 'Miding' included.  Just take a little effort to grow them naturally so as to enjoy Nature's free gift daily.

Field of  Miding at Keruak Wetlands
Location : Between Zone B and C

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