Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Morning rain and a happy bird

View of Zone F, looking west - the stream overflows

Shrubby Dillenia flower
in the rain
 The park received a light shower this morning which lasted till noon.  The light rains have caused the stream to be filled to the brim and in some locations have overflowed to surrounding plains.  Today's rain is hugely welcomed because the park has been experiencing  a dry and hot weather stretch since 10 days ago. I had to use an umbrella to check out the extent of the flash floods and other interesting things for the record.
Much to my pleasure I stumbled upon a lone Spiderhunter happily absorbed at siphoning the nectar from the flowers of the Yellow Ixora.  The Spiderhunter had to do some acrobatic moves while in flight to pull out the needle-like style which contains the sweet -tasting nectar.  For this reason Malays call this flower 'Bunga Jarum' whereby 'jarum' means needle.
Little Spiderhunter hoovering at the  Yellow Ixora flower
Location : Zone C 

Note the needle-like style caught in between the beak.

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