Thursday, September 1, 2016

White flushes of a jungle tree

White flushes or young leaves of a jungle tree
Botanic Island Two

 I have noticing for about four days in a row a jungle tree that exhibits white flushes or young leaves.  There are many native plants species that possess this leafing phenomena at the park, with some showing different colour flushes.  In our humid tropical rainforest environment, the greenery does not follow the predictable annual cycles like in the temperate climates with their springs  and autumns.  At the park, trees grow continuously by producing new leaves.  However for some trees, the leaf exchange can result in flush accumulation with new leaves showing contrasting colours.  Today, I checked again the jungle tree which produces white flushes at Botanic Island Two.  I see a good potential for this tree as a landscape tree for its white flushes.

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