Thursday, November 23, 2017

November in the park

View of Zone E facing north. Taken in the early morning light.

 Early November was a transitional period of the yearly monsoon season.  Soon, perhaps towards the middle of the month, the real North-east monsoon will arrive Bintulu's shores. From what I see so far, this end of year monsoon is arriving according to textbook timing, though its real impact and true story is yet to be unfolded in the coming days and months. All over the park the red ants (Kerengga) are seen busy building nests and after a light rain, I walked around the park to stumble upon the 'Kulat Jelutong' which is edible. I look forward to more rains in November and December.
Red ants (Kerengga - Malay) building nest at the 'Miding' fern

Edible "Kulat Jelutong" growing on a rotting 'Pong-Pong stump.
"Kulat Jelutong"