Thursday, April 19, 2018

Flash floods and some views of the park in April

Zone F  in heavy rain.

 It has been raining heavily for the last three days (mainly nights).  The parkland is situated on a very hilly area and is the headwaters of a stream, which for convenience I call the Kambatik stream.  The heavy downpour would normally create flash floods.  However, due to its hilly landscape the excess downpour would race downstream.  This event is exciting to watch and offers some fine photographic moments.
After the floods, I walked up the Cempedak Hill and found a lone Plaintive Cuckoo.  This time it is the female of the species, a lifer for me.
Here are some views of the park taken in April’18.
Flash floods at Zone F

Zone B

View towards Zone A, looking east, from Cempedak Hill (Zone G)

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