Saturday, June 22, 2013

Belian country

 Bintulu is a Belian country.  Here the name Belian stands for Borneo's hardest of wood or you can very well call it Ironwood.  And it is not any ordinary iron wood for it is the hardest of all ironwood on this big island of Borneo.  The Belian comes from a 'hard ' family called Lauraceae and its scientific name is Eusideroxylon zwageri.  In the Kambatik park I call the Botanic Island One alternatively as 'The Belian Country'.  In this vegetation island are real examples of the belian timber species, namely belian log that was cut and left on the forest floor, belian stools and benches, belian tree stump, belian dummy tree for orchids and a belian tree.
Benches and stools made from belian timber.

Close-up of the Belian leaves

Belian log

Belian tree stump

I have blogged quite a fair bit about this wonderful timber species and the full story can be accessed here ...>>>

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