Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kulat Jelutong ( Lentinus sajor - caju)

This old Jelutong dead tree stump is home for the fungi 'Lentinus sjor - caju' or Kulat Jelutong in Malay.  This is a delicious tasting edible fungi or mushroom at the park.

When you walk around the park you may bump into some edible mushrooms.  A good example is the "Jelutong" mushroom which caught my attention this morning. The Jelutong mushroom gets its nutrients from the Jelutong tree which apparently is an old dead stump but provides just the right eco-system for its survival e.g. rotten tree bark, organic tissues and organisms, moss, etc.. Because it is commonly seen on old and dead Jelutong tree stumps  the Malays conveniently call it 'Kulat Jelutong'.  Kulat is mushroom in Malay.  I love this mushroom when cooked with other green vegetables or jungle shoots like the Midin, bamboo shoots, young cucumber leaves and many more.

Kulat Jelutong (Lentinus sajor - caju) , location : Botanic Island One.

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