Friday, June 28, 2013

The Sambar deer hooves prints

Location : Zone C, along the Eugenia trail, at the foreground is where the hooves prints were located

Last night the sharp and loud barking of the deer broke the cold silence.  This morning I answered its call by checking on the wet areas and muddy sections of the park.  Along the Eugenia trail at Zone C,  I stumbled upon the Sambar deer hooves prints.  They were many and well imprinted in the soft earth. The Sambar deer is a very regular visitor to the park, eating various plants  like young leaves of the tapioca, shrubby dillenia fruits, cempedak leaves .etc. But most of all I think the deers like the park because of its relative safety, the presence of the stream , and the hills that provide relative cover when there is a need to escape from danger.

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