Sunday, July 28, 2013

Botanic Island and walk

Botanic Walk One, between Island One at left and island Two at right.

Fresh fruit bunch of the oil palm cut open
 There are three vegetation islands that are preserved for posterity in developing the park.  The park is built out of an integrated eco-farm based on oil palm cultivation.  Over the years I saw the potential of developing it into a park and ultimately an eco-resort.  This year I have decided to upgrade it into a park with oil palm farming as the main activity to raise revenue for maintenance and development purposes. The oil palm trees have been in commercial production since last year. The Botanic Islands in the park provide much diversity to the environment, besides becoming a haven for wildlife and micro-climatic dinamics.
Fresh fruit bunches of the oil palm eaten by squirrels..
Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis)

Squirrel at Botanic Island One

Botanic Walk Two , entering through the
island of lianas and climbers
 At Botanic Island Two, the attractions are the 'Tarzan' ropes!  Here there is a large collection of jungle climbers or lianas.  The jungle floor is thickly covered with fallen and decomposed leaves, branches, tree trunks etc that is characteristic of the jungle look. The branches are frequented by mammals, birds, bees and butterflies of many kinds.

Butterfly at Botanic Island Two.

Red-headed (Ashy) Tailorbird (Orthotomus ruficeps) hunting for red ants..
location : Botanic Island Two

Botanic Island Two, looking south

Lianas or climbers  reach to the top of some of the tall tropical hardwood trees at Botanic Island Two

Botanic Walk Three...entering the rattan territory
 The Botanic Island Three is home for the rattans.  Here can be seen 7 different species of rattan palms or rather 'climbing' palms. 
The rattans produce fruits that are eaten by many wild animals like the palm civet cat or what the locals here called "Musang".  The prevalence of many wildlife will be rewarding for those interested in birdwatching and other wildlife subjects.
Fruits of the rattan
location : Botanic Island Three

Fungi at Botanic Island Three

"Musang" or the palm civet cat

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