Tuesday, September 17, 2013

As the evening fades

Three Little Green Pigeons perching of dead branches of the Cempedak tree
Which one is Syawal? Which one is Mubarak?

Little Green Pigeon
 Today I took time to watch birds as they perch high on tall dead branches overlooking the park.  Three little green pigeons were surveying the site. Which one was Syawal? Could one of them be Mubarak?  Last August a pair of the green pigeons successfully hatched two chicks in a nest built on the branch of an oil palm tree. I am excited to watch the pigeons today because they come in threes and surely hope that they return to  build more nests in the park and increase their population here.
Hill Myna or Grackle
Malays call these birds as 'Tiong'.
 Later I climbed the hill at Licuala Trail to watch a pair of Hill Myna birds which the locals call 'Tiong'.  They would normally perch at a nearby tree which is about 50 meters to their nest built in a hole of a tall dead tree.  They would ply to and fro the nest to trees nearby before they settle for the night. Today I was able to photoshoot them during their landing and taking off antics.

Hill Myna (Gracila religiosa)

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