Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Butterfly watch album - Malay Lacewings

 Both the upperside and the underside of the Malay lacewings are very colourful but more so the underside.  The outer wings are serrated and looking jagged.  The 'lace' patterns on the wings give rise to its name 'lacewings'.  At the park these beautiful butterflies are attracted to the nectar from the flowers of the Ixora coccinea, Wrightia religiosa, Eugenia oleina and the Clerodendron thomsonae or the 'Bleeding heart'.  They do not seem to be seen often and when they do I would feel very cheerful and would chase them around to photoshoot them.  Here's a collection of shots of them at the park....
Malay Lacewings (Cethosia hysea hypsina)

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