Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's fruiting at the park?

Young fruits of the "Cempedak" (Artocarpus champeden), borne on a tree planted more than 60 years ago.
 Coming towards the end of the year there would be a series of local fruits that will come in season.  At the park right now are many Cempedak trees that are gradually bearing small fruits.  These unripe fruits can be eaten as vegetables but better leave them maturing on the branches and trunks to enjoy their sweet and juicy pulp later.  At the park there are about a dozen of these fruit trees that have been planted more than 60 years ago.  I do plant many more since about 5 years ago to add to the collection and many among them also start to bear fruits.  In another blog I wrote about 'smoking' the cempedak fruits....go here to learn how it is done...>>>>http://myussop.blogspot.com/2009/11/smoking-cempedak-fruit.html
At the background on the right hand corner  are the tall Cempedak trees.

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