Friday, October 4, 2013

Mammalia watch album - Tree shrew

 I have seen two types of tree shrews at the park.  One is the Lesser tree shrew (Tupaia minor) which has a long tail and the other is bigger bodied and has reddish hairs.  The tree shrew is somewhat between a rat and a squirrel.  The Malays call tree shrews as  'Tupai tanah", literally to mean 'ground squirrel'.  'Tupai' in Malay means squirrel.  On one occasion, I was able to photoshoot the Lesser tree shrew while it was hunting for food in the daytime. It was apparent that it was curious at the camera's flash because each time the camera flashes it would step closer to me.  It was an opportunity of a life time and a most memorable moment of nature photography for me. 
Lesser Tree Shrew (Tupaia minor) or Pgymy tree shrew.

A differrent species of the Tree Shrew, with reddish hairs.

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