Monday, November 18, 2013

Photoshoot session with the lime butterfly

Lime butterfly taking nectar from the Clerodendrum x speciosum flower...

Lime butterfly
Papilio demoleus malayanus
 Today the lime butterfly or so called " Chequered Swallowtail" dropped by at Zone C area of low flowering shrubs and  vines corner.  She gave me a fabulous time photoshooting her in long shots, medium shots and extreme close-ups.  The name suggests that the species is found where the citrus fruits are planted.  The female of the species has a large black spot next to the red spot on the hindwing.

The purple flower is called locally " Seribu bahasa" (Berawan) - Centratherum punctatum

Siphoning the nectar from the Clerodendrum flower

 It is planned and executed gradually for a flowering shrubs and vines collection at Zone C to attract more butterflies to the park.  Here they could be easily observed when they fly or rest in the flowering shrubs corners.  Here's more close- ups to show the tubular probiscis as it is thrusted into the flower to extract the nectar.
The lime butterfly thrusting its probiscis into the Clerodendrum flower

The female lime butterfly has a large black spot to the red spot...

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