Monday, December 23, 2013

December rains

The park looking south-west from hill at Zone C

Zone F
 The Kambatik Park is right in the midst of the monsoon rains which is from the months of November to February every year.  As usual when the rains are heavy the stream waters will overflow and creating flash floods.  Here's some images of the park in the rain today.
Zone F, Provinsi Carpentaria

Zone F, Provinsi Carpentaria

The Kambatik stream overflows...

Zone D, near Heliconia Valley

Eugenia oleina fruits
 Despite the rains, the bulbuls came throughout the day to eat the Eugenia oleina fruits that are in abundance at the park at the moment. The presence of an old dead tree provided convenient perches  for them to rest amidst their flight  schedules.
Bulbuls rest at an old dead tree

Bulbuls rest at an old dead tree

Flowers in the rain (Dillenia suffructicosa)

Flowers in the rain

 In light rain  the little spiderhunter  took to  the brief opportunity to search for food.  While the bulbuls kept themselves busy at the Eugenia oleina fruits the little spiderhunter was hurrying in bewteen the ixora and cream fruit flowers for their nectar.
Little spiderhunter at the cream fruit lowers...(Strophantus gratus)

Red flowers of the Drunken Sailor (Quisqualis indica) in the rain...

Eugenia oleina branches bending over due to the combined weight of the fruits and rain..

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