Thursday, January 2, 2014

A fruity lunch

Sweet and succulent deep yellow to orange Chempedak fruits.
At the foreground are the oil palm fruits.

 The very sweet Chempedak madu is just ideal for dessert.  This variety is extra sweet and succulent.  In the above picture is shown the 'sawit' fruits (oil palm fruits) as part of presentation, though when boiled the sawit fruits can be eaten just as well.  Ok, there is such a thing as a fruity lunch.  So we have today the fruit salad Malaysian style which is made of sliced 'sengkuang' fruit or jicama and slices of  'timun' or cucumber.  These are mixed well with the Malaysian salad paste called 'sambal rojak'. The whole dish is thus referred to as 'rojak buah-buahan' or fruits rojak.
A fruity lunch plate consisting of 'Chempedak madu' and  'Rojak buah-buahan' (Malaysian fruit salad)
The Chempedak madu is for dessert.

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