Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flash floods in January

The start of the Kambatik stream, swelling up from two tributaries

Between Zone C and F
The rains have not stopped since dawn this morning.  A heavy rain  lasting half a day could easily result in flash floods at the park.  But the flooding is only confined to very low lying areas beside the stream.  My estimate of the areas affected by the flooding covers only less than 5 % of the total park area. I am looking at it the positive way.  Flash floods create a lot of interest.  It is a view that do not happen every day and when it comes it elicits feelings of adventure, anxiety and thrill but all for a short while because once the rains stop the flooding subsides very quickly.  Also the flooding cleans up any debris etc along the stream .  The flood water seems to be murky today due to some earthworks done by one landowner  slightly up the tributary.  The eroded topsoil brought by the surface runoff water normally create an even dressing  of silt once the flood disappears.  Here are some images of the floods from the start of the stream moving downstream...
Zone D

Between Zone D and F
Note : All images above taken on 22 Jan'14

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