Thursday, March 13, 2014

Park views

Zone C, looking north

 It has been a prolonged drought for about two months already.  Today I had a walkabout at the park to capture the beautiul flushes of the Eugenia oleina trees.  The pink to red to orange flushes are pleasing to the eyes and provide much needed colour to the overall landscape of the park.  These oleina trees are basically introduced ornamental trees.  However, they attract many birds, butterflies, bees and other insects during the flowering till fruiting season.  Part of the beauty of the park is also the display of various leaves sizes and shapes that add much to the texture of the greenery.  Here's more park views for March at different zones of the park.
Zone D, looking east

Zone G, looking south

Zone F, looking south

Zone E, looking west

Zone F, looking east

Zone E, looking west

Zone D, looking east

Zone C, looking east

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