Sunday, May 4, 2014

Feeding on ground

View of the park - with lots of open space and stream

 These are birds that can be seen regularly feeding on the ground at the park.  In this list are the following feathered friends:-
1) The Oriental Magpie-robin
2)  Common Snipe
3)  Spotted-necked Dove
4)  Eurasian Tree Sparrow
5)  White-breasted Waterhen
Whether in rain or shine they often show up, early or sometimes late to have their daily meal or just a little snack.  They hunt for  insects, worms, and a myriad of other food items can can be discovered on the grounds of the park.
Young Oriental Magpie-robin learning a lesson or two on feeding on ground in the rain..

Common Snipe

Spotted-necked Dove

White-breasted waterhen

White-breasted waterhen
View of the park at Provinsi Carpentaria, lookking west.

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