Thursday, May 15, 2014

Highlights today at the park - 16 May

Stick inset , at Botanic Island Four (Zone I)_

Bromheadia finlaysoniana
 When they fly past,  you can see their reddish wings against the light.  There are many of these stick insects in the park and they look fragile in flight.  Wild orchids can be found too but the most common terrestrial orchid is the Bromheadia finlaysoniana (see inset).  Below is shown a clump that is about 1 meter tall.  The beautiful white flowers are fragrant.
Bromheadia finlaysoniana orchid clump, Zone G

Lengkan (Iban) - Ficus grossularioides
 The Lengkan (Iban) is a small tree that is found in many places at the park, preferring open secondary areas and unfertile soils.  The young leaves are edible so are the young fruits.  It is rich in protein and manganese.  The 'Senduduk' ( Melastoma malabathricum) has soft berry-like fruits consisting  numerous seeds that are attractive to many wildlife especially birds.  More interesting plants here are the Rabbit's Foot Fern and the  'Akar Riwet' (Flagellaria indica) of which the latter is used to cure erectile dysfunction as used by the Berawans of Sarawak.
Lengkan (Iban) - Ficus grossularioides

Rabbit's Foot Fern - Davallia denticulata hugging to the oil palm trunk.  The leaves are used for floral arrangement.

Senduduk (Malay) - Melastoma malabathricum

Senduduk (Malay) - Melastoma malabathricum

Akar Riwet ( Berawan) - Flagellaria indica
It is a climber and looking similar to the rattan.  Among the Berawan people of Sarawak it is used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction and to chase away evil spirits.
Location : Zone B

Red young leaves of a jungle climber
Location : Botanic Island Two

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